BENU Pharmacy
Customer area


Information Architecture, Prototyping + User Journeys, Digital Design / UI + UX, Front-end Development

With more than 300 branches, BENU is the largest pharmacy chain in the Netherlands. To bridge the gap between the online experience and physical locations, BENU needed a customer area. A place where customers can order medicines, find medical information and receive notifications from their pharmacy.


Because many seniors use the application, a pleasant and clear user experience was the main goal. The complex links with internal and external systems were challenging. Systems of doctors, pharmacists, delivery services and data protection needed to be integrated. At the same time, the customer experience had to be as smooth as possible.


Design by Basix, build external

The previously developed online and offline branding was too extensive for the customer area. The design language and amount of colors were not designed for a functional application. By setting clear design principles and reducing multiple brand elements, we created a clean user interface.

In collaboration with various teams within BENU, the pharmacists and the development companies, we have made a complex application clear to all types of users.

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