The Secret Sherry Society
Rediscover the world of Sherry


Digital Branding, Strategy, Prototyping + User Journeys, Digital Design / UI + UX, Front-end Development, eCommerce

The Secret Sherry Society wants people to rediscover Sherry, the ancient secret of Andalusia. By combining shopping with an immersive experience, visitors get a feel for the traditions and the great world of Sherry. Finding a tasting profile that matches your personality, learning more about the bodegas, or buying the perfect gift.


With a lot of tasting profiles, Sherry can be hard to understand. We have developed an interesting shopping experience for both the experienced connoisseur and the Sherry 'newby'. By giving each style a distinctive description, visitors get a feeling for the product and its origin, making it easier to navigate and select the desired tasting profile or product.

Large product images, clear information and a unique description create a feeling with the product.

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