Hotel de Echoput
Digital upgrade for 5-star hotel


Research, Strategy, Information Architecture, Prototyping + User Journeys, Digital Design / UI + UX, Front-end Development, SEO Optimization

The 5-star Hotel de Echoput with top restaurant is located in the beautiful forests of the crown domain in the center of the Netherlands. The number of hotel bookings via their own website has fallen sharply in recent years. Research showed that this was due to poor navigation and information structure. The website was slow and had an outdated booking engine. As a result, visitors quickly dropped out.


By applying the correct hierarchy to the information and navigation, we created a logical menu and page structure. We also added customer reviews and ratings to build more trust among visitors. The 5-star experience from Hotel de Echoput is reflected in the luxurious and timeless design with a lot of storytelling. After going live, the new website led to a 43% increase in direct bookings.

Almost 80% of users visit Hotel de Echoput's website from a mobile device. From the first moment we focused on mobile and tablet, with special attention to super fast loading times.

‘The professionals of Basix Agency have designed and built a beautiful, contemporary website with attention to our history.'


Karel Klosse - Hotel de Echoput

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