Novallure Hotels
A new type of luxury


Digital Branding, Strategy, Digital Design / UI + UX, Front-end Development, eCommerce

Novallure is a new hotel chain in The Hague (NL). With locations in the city center and on the outskirts of The Hague, they offer an accessible but luxurious stay for various types of travelers.


Novallure's target group is young professionals. To service this ‘Instagram-generation’, we have digitized as much as possible. Booking, check-in and check-out, reception; everything can be easily arranged online. Ordering breakfast or dinner, booking a bike ride and finding important information about your room. Everything is centralized on the website, based on your location and with the help of QR codes.

The design, communication and photography speak the language of the ‘Instagram-generation’.

Basix designed the entire branding concept as well. A flexible logo and a design language and colors that are reminiscent of an evening by the sea at your favorite beach bar. An ‘Instagram-like’ photography language that fits the age of the visitors is combined with a bold writing style.


This style is continued in the signage inside the hotels and is reflected in cheeky art in the rooms and hotel hallways.

‘By asking the right questions, Basix managed to visualize our thoughts and needs. The result has exceeded our expectations.’


Jordi de Kort - Novallure Hotels

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