Welfare organization made accessible


Digital Branding, Research, Information Architecture, Digital Design / UI + UX, Front-end Development

Zorgdat is a semi-government organization in the field of care and welfare. Their previous website no longer met the wishes of the organization and their visitors. This was confirmed after extensive user research. This research also showed that the website was not compliant to WCAG standards. All brand colors that were used had insufficient contrast ratios, typography was not legible and all interaction looked similar.


Together with the Zorgdat team, we have established clear guidelines to ensure accessibility without losing their brand identity. We designed a new color palette, improved typography and readability and redefined all the interaction elements. This resulted in a clear, informative website with various possibilities to create pages, events and customizable contact forms.

‘Due to the pragmatic design of our new website, people find our organization more approachable.’


Suzanne Bindels - Zorgdat

We designed customizable contact forms to ensure that visitors can easily contact the care provider they are looking for, contact the organization, or where they can register for an event.

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